Buy tickets!

To purchase tickets, send payment to Cancer Advocacy Network, Mailstop C9S-9C, Seattle Children's, 1900 Ninth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

It's a raffle!

3 pieces of blown glass shown below were created during a workshop at the Seattle Glassblowing Studio with Seattle Children's cancer researchers. Pieces will be raffled off October 2, 2010. Need not be present to win. Tickets are $20 and available on this site. Please note raffle tickets on your donation and tickets will be mailed to you. Raffle tickets may also be purchased by sending payment to Seattle Cancer Advocacy Network, Seattle Children's Research Institute, Mailstop C9S-9C, 1900 Ninth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101. Proceeds benefit the Seattle Children's Cancer Advocacy Network.

**If you prefer 1 of the 3 pieces, note which piece (vase, plate or bowl) with your purchase and we will try to honor your request. If two winners want the same piece, the winner will be whoever bought the most tickets! Good luck and may she who buys the most tickets win!**

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Masterpiece 1 - wall hanging plate

This piece was made with design input and stripe addition by Seattle Children's cancer researchers.*

*Please be aware that our masterpiece is very fragile and we needed to repair a broken wing. The repair is pictured above and nearly invisible.

Masterpiece 2 - bowl

This piece was made during our workshop

Masterpiece 3 - fluted vase

This item was donated by Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Glassblowing workshop

Dr. Doug Hawkins joined 10 Seattle Children's cancer clinical research staff at Seattle Glassblowing Studio for a glassblowing workshop yielding the 3 masterpieces available in this raffle.

Seattle Children's cancer researchers taking lessons

Dr. Hawkins practices his glassblowing skills

Doug receives coaching for team project

Doug adds stripes

Claire adds stripes

Sara adds stripes

Time for some more fire!

The silver is added - let's torch it!

Time to spin this into a plate...

Look at all the colors - I told you it was blue!

Let's make this one a bowl...

Extra fire always helps.

Was someone expecting me to move these into the ovens to chill?